Casino Software Review – The Baffling Secret on How Microgaming Dwarfed the Competition

The e-gaming software business is such a volatile business that it is common to see one business hugging the limelight today only to vanish in oblivion the next day. The mortality rate is very high, and those who died out with the competition must have learned their lessons the hardest way. But those who survived reap a reward so enormous that the lives of their owners changed overnight. In order to stay in this industry one must not only act right but act fast as well, or be left behind by those that do. One such industry that did both is Microgaming.

In the more than a decade of presence in the dynamic and highly scrutinized e-gaming business, Microgaming has attained its elite status in the conventional way – by delivering high end product known for innovative structure, uncompromised safety features, top notch quality, and 24/7 dependability. Established back in 1994, Microgaming has captured approximately more than a third of the existing online casino market, thereby earning a solid reputation as the major player in the e-gaming software industry. No other software provider holds a larger share of the e-gaming market.

Aside from the classic casino games which are all available in edge-of-technology graphics and sounds, Microgaming also offers a bingo network, live dealer solutions, and mobile gaming flat forms. Perhaps Microgaming’s strength lies on its innovative networking structure that is fully interface-able into the clients marketing and financial modules. Among others, its casino operators are capably-enhanced to monitor returns on investments, generate record of all its marketing, promotional and advertising campaigns, minimize the executive planning efforts, and maximize customer retention rate.

As the company puts it in their site, “We’ve stayed ahead by developing the hottest new games and smartest gaming management in town – Moving faster than the fast moving online gaming industry.” Today, the company boasts a roll of the world’s largest poker and progressive jackpot networks – over 120 casinos and 40 poker rooms. Its Poker networks allows players from all over the globe to play against each other across a multitude of round-the-clock active card rooms, back to back with its ultra high progressive jackpot offering. To date, its casinos have paid out over $250m since its inception. Microgaming is a privately owned company that holds a principal office in the Isle of Man.